Thoughts on This Easter Sunday, In the Midst of Chaos and Fear

So, I have heard and seen from different sides of this time of chaos and crisis and here are some thoughts.

  1. The media thrives on fear and chaos and will do as much as possible to create and continue fear and chaos. There is very little truth presented in media.
  2. Politicians are always campaigning, even if that means putting more people at risk and feeding the fear and chaos for which the media thrives.
  3. We, me included, often forget who we belong to. I am not one who subscribes to God only being for one group or another, He is sovereign over ALL, universal and infinite.
  4. Yes, this will pass and yes, people will pass with it and yes, many more will lose hope and be unable to sustain their mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  5. The invisible populations have become even more unseen. The sacrificial lambs in this crisis, our children who are trapped, in every sense of the word, with abusive parents and relatives; domestic violence victims, who for the same reason, are trapped with their abuser; those who already struggle with mental health and now find themselves completely isolated, friends and family often divided on political issues, in-fighting, and anxiety and depression, are all taking a toll (“we’re all in this together” is a very false narrative); those being exploited in the sex industry, particularly our children who are forced to create the infant, toddler, and child porn because the demand has gone up exponentially (if you’re stuck at home, find something else to do with your time, porn isn’t the way out of your currently reality but it is the currently reality for the children and adults tortured to meet the demand).
  6. Today is Easter and we are reminded of the ever-present hope of Christ but please stop with the platitudes. “This too shall pass” is great but for one on the brink of suicide it doesn’t resonate. Instead, call or face time or find some way to start a non-judgmental conversation. Perhaps, set up a time to watch a movie together through Netflix.
  7. I know there is a lot of controversy around the restriction on our constitutional freedoms and if it is necessary to preserve life or a slippery slope into political control with tones of socialism. It is not the “Christian” thing to do, to passively accept slavery. If you are called to remain silent and pray, yes, please do that. Not everyone was created for the physical battlefield but rather the War Room (prayer). Ignoring the fundamentals simply provides an easy road for oppression and tyranny. Do what you were called to do and let’s stop judging others for not being called to same action.

I know that I am going to get backlash from this but as I sit here, alone, I can’t help but logically think about what all of this is doing to the state of our world (personal and universal). Will we really come together, or will we continue to call the police on our neighbors? Will we really keep saying “they’re lying to us to save lives” (yes, that is something I have seen in FB conversation)? Will we continue to sit back and let others run our lives? Or, will we instead understand that logic and critical thinking is necessary to make informed decisions? Fear and panic eliminate logic. Fear and panic always lead to war, death, and a narrative of ‘us and them.’

Let’s take a lesson from history and not let this become the next genocide, by creating Marshall law, tattling on neighbors, and allowing our basic freedoms to be eliminated. These are difficult times we live, and here on this Holiest of days, shall we remember to whom we belong, or will we shrink beneath men and women who have taken a position as Ruler over our states and nation?

I hope you find love and connection today.


Amy Joy

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