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Presenting truth, hope, and justice through the voice of a survivor!

Helping people understand and respond to trauma, specializing in human trafficking, childhood trauma (ACEs), and intervention.

Amy is an International Public Speaker, and an expert on the topics of human trafficking, early childhood sexual abuse, impact of trauma on the developing brain, dissociative identity disorder, and interventions for healing. Amy travels all over the United States to equip law enforcement, school administrators and educators, healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, service providers, and community groups.

Specializing in. . .

  1. human trafficking identification and response
  2. ACEs (adverse childhood experiences study)
  3. trauma-related dissociative disorders
  4. trauma-informed care for schools, agencies, assisted living, and more
  5. intervention techniques for trauma survivors

We are confident that you will learn much more than you could imagine, through our specialized programs.

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Human Trafficking 101

Let us come to you for on-site training. Learn how to identify and respond to suspected cases of human trafficking.

Trauma Informed Practice

Amy is an expert in how trauma impacts the developing person; characteristics of predators; dissociative identity disorder; and, effective interventions for the healing brain.

Human Trafficking 101: Stories, Stats, and Solutions” The Book

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